Closet 23 by Felicioni Susanna, was born on March 2019.

The idea's Mother, Susanna always had a big passion for fashion, passion who brought her to study in the famous Accademia Italiana in Florence in 2007/2008, she traveld and worked in many places but her heart always beat for fashion.

Finally she came back Italy in 2015, putting her roots in her original country.

With a safe job she decided to start building her little dream. She made a selection on brands which are italian and mostly handcrafted shoes, only great quality shoes and a different style thanks to the details which make the difference. She's still working on it and the shop will grow up seasons by seasons. 

She wants to enstablish a real relation with her virtual customers as giving opportunities to get discounts, becoming special customers. That's a small reality which count on the reciprocal fidelity.

Thanks for having visited my web reality. 

Susanna Felicioni