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As specified on the short version in the banner in the home page, you can consent with the Cookie juste pressing the button "OK”; closing the banner pushing “X”; or just moving into the home page and pushing to any button, section or product you see.


Keeping on staying in our page, looking at the products, informations, or anything else, is a consent with the Cookie.



What's a cookie?



A cookie is a very small file which is sent to the browser and saved on your dispositive when you enter in a website as (“the Site”). Cookies allows a very good connection with the website and increase the performance, morover they give informations about the owner website for marketing and promotions, mainly because of reminding your surfing into the website and your taste and preference (for example to remember the language and money change you choosed, to recognize you at the next visit, etc.).


Which cookie do we used and why?



Our website uses differents cookies of first part (managed by Closet 23) and third part's cookie (managed by other persons on the base of privacy policy and not under the controll of Closet 23) each one has got a specific function. As written down here:




Type of Cookie


Surfing Cookie: Since the first time you enter in our website they allow you to surf correctly and they make you seeing contents on your dispositive recognizing language and money of your Country where you get connected. If you are a registered customer, they allow you to be recognized and enter into our services reserved to our customer. Surfing cookies are technical cookies and they are necessary for the use of the website. These cookies allow, on the base of your request, to be recognized any time you get into closet 23, so you don't have to insert your data anytime you need it. If you added products into you shop bag and closed the section without buying them and taking them off, these cookies allow to keep on shopping the next time you enter into the website (in a limited period) finding the same products in your shop bag. Functional cookies are not necessary for the right operation of the website, but they increase quality and surfing experience. 



Functional cookies: These cookies are directly managed by Closet 23 (Website Controller) and they collected data through anonymus way. These cookies are used to elaborate statistic analysis  on the surfing methods of our customer. Closet 23 uses these results with anonymous way and only for statistic.


Analysis CookiesThese cookies are related to creat the profile of the customer with the purpose to send commercial texts who meet preferences during your visit or to increase your experience: while you are surfing our website these cookies are useful to show you the products you could like or similar to ones you already looked at. These cookies are managed by other people and they are sent to safe business.  


Marketing and distribution cookies managed by Closet23 and other people: These cookies allow you to see our commercial propose on other cooperating website (retargeting). Cokkies managed by other people (third parts) are not under Closet23's controll and we can't get entrance into the infomations or themselves. These informations are totally controlled by third part, as described in the related privacy policy. If you want to see these external cookies we invite you to look at their privacy policy and if you want to mange the consent or not go visit


Social network cokkiesThese cookies are necessary to permit your social account to interact with our website. They are not required for the surfing in the website. For more informations about the use of cookies in the social networks it's possible to consult their privacy and cookie policy.                                




How can I disable cookies and manage my prefernce?



The most part of browsers is configured for accepting controlling or eventually to disable cookies through personal configuration. We remind you that disabling functional and surfing cookies could cause a bad operation and/or limite the services we could offer.
Here you can see the way to disable cookies for every browser:


Internet Explorer:
Third parts


For more informations about cookies managed by external parts and people visit Once you are into this website, get into "Your choise" area: you'll see the third parts or business, our partners, which managed and put cookies in our website; verify presence or the installed cookie activity (Status) and managing the consent (On/Off). Expanding the related button (Info) you can see any information you about the business cookie manager and you can see the link to get into their privacy and cookie policy. What about concern the Criteo, our supplier for retargeting service, morover than visiting, you can make your consent following this direct link
Relative Technologies


To show you our products you already have seen (in the website or in the App. "Recently seen"), we also use technologies similar to cookies (specifically, “HTLM5 Local Storage”) which put informations in the Local Storage in your dispostive. For this informations we do not have access. To delete the informations in the Local Storage in your dispositive you can, in every moment, proceed with this instruction.
Web site

You can delete informations in the Local Storage in your dispositive pushing the button "Delete" in the section "See All" in "Recently seen", or through the browser you use. For doing it through the browser you must delete surfing data following the indications in the link here down, "Cookies and website data".




Access to data and Customer Care



You can be assisted anytime and receive explanations to how consent or not or how to delete cookies and relative technologies in your browser, sending an e-mail to our Customer Care or with a written request to Closet 23 through or by official poste letter to the legal seat of the shop.


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